Miss Klamath County - Miss City of Sunshine
Scholarship Pageant

An official local preliminary of the Miss America Scholarship Pageant

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STEVEN SILTON H&N Staff Photographer

In just over a week, 10 young women will compete for the titles of Miss Klamath County and Miss City of Sunshine at the Ross Ragland Theater.

The 38th annual pageant on April 20 at the Ragland is an official preliminary for the Miss America Pageant according to Teri Leeper-Blue, the Miss Oregon field director. The top two scorers will be crowned Miss Klamath County and Miss City of Sunshine respectively. Those two winners will also each be awarded $11,800 in scholarship money.

The other eight contestants will be awarded smaller scholarships. Outside of the competition, but still presented at the pageant, are a few other scholarships including the Pay It Forward scholarship.

“The Pay It Forward Scholarship is provided by an anonymous benefactor,” said Leeper-Blue, “Each contestant plans and executes, with an elementary-aged little girl, a random act of kindness which they carry out together.”

The project is then presented to judges who also interview each contestant.

Since the pageant started 38 years ago, nearly $400,000 in scholarship money has been awarded to driven young women.

“The goal of the program is to provide scholarships and to help empower young women to achieve their personal and professional goals,” said Leeper-Blue, “While providing a forum in which to express their opinions, talents and intelligence.”

What: Miss Klamath County — Miss City of Sunshine Pageant

When: 7 p.m. Saturday, April 20

Where: Ross Ragland Theater, 218 N. Seventh St.

Cost: $22 -$24

Jade Deck - 20

Klamath Community College

Talent:  Contemporary Vocal

Platform:  Project XXX

Parents:  Martin and Merlinda Deck

Hostess:  Lisa Dykstra


Miki DelValle - 17

Mazama High School

Talent:  Comedic Monologue

Platform: American Cancer Society – Early Detection

Parents:  Deanna Melton and Michael Lucena; Susan DelValle, grandmother

Hostess:  Debbie Dillon


Katy Fernlund - 20

Oregon Institute of Technology

Talent:  Comedic Monologue

Platform: Klamath County Food Bank

Parents:  Randy and Lori Fernlund

Hostess:  Kelly Evinger


Cheyenne Guzy - 22

Oregon Institute of Technology

Talent:  Lyrical Dance

Platform:  Mentoring Matters

Parents:  Dedra Guzy

Hostess:  Tammy Baker- 18


Stephanie Matheson - 22

University of Oregon

Talent:  Broadway Vocal

Platform:  YOUTH Empowerment

Parents:  Doug and Micheline Matheson

Hostess:  Teresa Mudrow

 Victoria McGraw – 19

Oregon Institute of Technology

Talent:  Auxilary Colorguard Rifle Performance

Platform:  Awareness and Support for Compulsive Hoarding

Parents:  Angela McGraw

Hostess:  Cheryl Olguin


Lindsey Reed - 18

Klamath Union High School & Oregon Institute of Technology

Talent:  Contemporary Vocal

Platform:  Anti-Bullying

Parents:  Daniel and Nicole Reed

Hostess:  Heidi Gaither


Mandi Severson - 18

Henley High School

Talent: Photography

Platform:  Locks of Love

Parents:  George and Terri Severson

Hostess:  Angela Suty


Raeanna Washington - 20

Oregon Institute of Technology Fall 2013

Talent:  Lyrical Jazz Dance

Platform:  Letters of Support – Supporting Children with Deployed Parents

Parents:  Mary Ann Allen

Hostess:  Sheri Hargrave


Mikaela Wilkerson - 17

Henley High School

Talent:  Modern Dance

Platform:  Arts in Education

Parents:  Dave and Leslie Wilkerson

Hostess:  Tonia Ulbricht